Cats of Athens: A window to their secret lives

I’ve always thought there is a special quality to the way cats move, act and react in the urban scenery. It’s like they fully understand what’s happening around them but don’t really care, because minding their own business is the only serious business out there. The elegance, the attitude, the speed at which interest turns into indifference and love into hatred, the easygoing playfulness, the unstoppable mania, the inexplicable anger, the laziness, the apathy, – all parts of a magical constitution nobody can actually understand or control. The only choice is to unconditionally adore, and that’s fine by me. Living in a quiet neighbourhood of Athens, surrounded by hundreds of stray cats has given me the chance to develop a quirky relationship with them, a no_strings_attached kind of thing which raises no serious obligations for any of the two sides. The cats reserve the right to ignore me if they wish, i reserve the right not to treat them like kings and queens everyday, but no matter what, we share a common goal. To capture their fabulousness whenever it’s possible.



Aris Alexandris